What is Handvas made from?
Handvas is made from polyamide, which is a strong plastic material and comes in a polished finish.


How does Handvas hold my print?
There is an allen screw in the thumb that you tighten to hold the work in place between the thumb and forefinger. 


What's the maximum thickness Handvas can hold?
The big set can hold a maximum thickness of 4mm. 
The small set can hold a maximum thickness of 2mm. 


How much weight can Handvas hold?
The screws we provide are suitable for plasterboard walls only. This will allow both the big and small set to hold up to 14kgs. Please keep in mind Handvas is not intended to hold heavy objects. Any attempt at holding anything beyond our instructions will be at your own risk.


How does Handvas mount to the wall?
You will need to insert 2 screws for each hand into the wall. The screws fit into the openings at the back of the hand and then you simply slide them down to lock in place, much like a picture frame. Handvas also comes with detailed instructions.


How can I prevent my print from curling?
We recommend you mount your print onto thick card.